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1322 – The Battle of Boroughbridge takes place in Northern England between forces loyal to Edward II of England, and forces led by Thomas, Earl of Lancaster. Lancaster was the head of the opposite to Edward’s ineffective rule. However, the King’s armies would be successful, and the unruly Earl would be apprehended, and later executed.

1792 – Swedish King Gustav III is shot at a masquerade ball in an attempted coup. He was unpopular with some circles for his support of the reinstatement of French king Louis XVI after the French Revolution. Gustav would die of his injury before the month was out.

1815 – Prince Willem of the Netherlands declares his nation a kingdom, and himself as King Willem I. He did so in response to Napoleon of France’s escape from captivity from Elba, in hopes that other nations would also help the fight against the Emperor.


1687 – Sophia Dorothea of Hanover is born as the daughter to the future George I of the United Kingdom and Princess Sophia Dorothea of Celle. She would go on to become Queen consort of Prussia as the wife of Frederick William I. They would have 10 children live into adulthood, who would include, Frederick II of Prussia, known as Frederick the Great. She also had a long standing feud with her brother, George II of the United Kingdom.

1856 – A son is born to French Emperor Napoleon III in Paris, also named Napoleon. He would be head of the House of Bonaparte after the death of his father, and was even called Napoleon IV by those still loyal to the family. He would live in exile in Britain and would be enrolled in the Royal Army being stationed in Africa, where he would be killed during the Anglo-Zulu War.


1485 – Anne Neville, Queen consort of England dies of possibly tuberculosis at age 28 in London. She was the wife of Richard III of England, and the daughter of Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, who was a major player in the Wars of the Roses. Her grave went unmarked until 1960, when the Richard III Society paid for a grave marker.

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