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1749 – A daughter christened Louisa is born in London to the Prince and Princess of Wales, Frederick and Augusta. She was a grandchild of King George II of United Kingdom and sister to the future George III. The young Princess would be considered delicate for the extent of her life, which would be short. She passed away at age 19 before she was married.

1823 – Princess Adelgunde of Bavaria is born to Ludwig I of Bavaria and Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. She would later become the Duchess consort of Modena in Italy, when she married the future Francis V. However, her husband would be overthrown during the Wars of Italian Unification and after his death, she would return to her native Germany, living to be 91 years old.


1286 – Scottish King Alexander III is found dead at age 44. His neck was broken from a probable fall down a steep embankment. He was recently married to his second wife, who was recently pregnant. Alexander was on his way to a meeting with advisors, despite the bad weather conditions. His wife miscarried shortly after his death and his children from his first marriage were already dead. His niece, Margaret, was summoned from Norway to become Queen, but died before she could be crowned, causing another succession crisis.

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