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1459 – The future Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I is born in Austria. In 1477, he became Duke of Burgundy, and ruled until 1482, when he began to become a contender with the Empire. He was elected King the Romans in 1486, and then Holy Roman Emperor in 1493 after the death of his father. His son, Phillip would marry Juana of Castile, and their son Charles, would later rule most of continental Europe as both the heir of Spain and the heir of the Habsburgs.

1797 – Wilhelm I of Prussia is born in Berlin, as the second son of Frederick William III. He came to some prominence as a soldier during the Napoleonic Wars and after his brother’s stroke in 1857, he would rule in his stead as regent. In 1861 he would become King of Prussia. In 1871, after the his success in the Franco-Prussian War, Wilhelm was declared the first Emperor of a united Germany. He would reign until his 90th year, and be succeeded by his son, Frederick III, would was already ill with cancer, and would only rule for 99 days. Wilhelm’s grandson, also Wilhelm, would become the last Emperor of Germany.


1322 – Thomas, Earl of Lancaster is executed for high treason, for his leadership of a rebellion against Edward II. Thomas was a grandson of King Henry III of England through his father Edmund. Lancaster had been one of the Lords Ordainer for Edward earlier in the reign, and was leader of the council, and was defacto ruler. However Edward’s new court favourite soon took over, and Thomas was defeated and captured after his last rebellion.

1421 – Thomas of Lancaster, Duke of Clarence dies in France during the Battle of Bauge. He was fighting in the army of his elder brother, Henry V when he was struck down. He was the younger son of Henry IV.

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