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1534 – The English Parliament passes the First Act of Succession which revalidates the marriage of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, and states the crown should pass to their heirs over any other children Henry had.

1708 – James Francis Edward Stuart, “The Old Pretender”, lands in Northern Scotland. He was attempting an invasion to lay him claim to the throne of the United Kingdom as the son of James VII and II, who was deposed in the Glorious Revolution. This invasion would be the first unsuccessful one.


1430 – Margaret of Anjou is born in Lorraine, France, to Rene of Anjou and Isabella, Duchess of Lorraine. She would be married to Henry VI of England in 1445. The would have one son, called Edward of Westminster. Margaret also became one of the principal figures in the War of the Roses, when she acted as regent for her husband during his bouts of mental instability. She helped to lead the Lancastrian forces before her husband’s overthrow, and after his restoration in 1470. However, after the defeat of the Lancasters in 1471. She was captured and later ransomed back to France. She was vilified throughout most of history and even referred to as a “She-wolf of France” by Shakespeare in the plays about her husband.

1732 – Marie Adelaide of France is born Versailles as one of the younger daughters of Louis XV and Queen Maria. She would live at her father’s and later her nephew’s court at Versailles until the beginning of the Revolution against her brother’s son, Louis XVI. She would settle in Italy, where she would live out her days with her sisters.

1990 – In not so dead royals, another daughter is born to Prince Andrew, Duke of York and Sarah, Duchess of York, to be christened Eugenie. She joined a older sister, named Beatrice. She currently represents the royal family in several events, and is currently seventh, soon eight in line for the throne of the Commonwealth realms.


1369 – Peter I of Castile and Leon is killed by his half brother, who had deposed him two years earlier, and had been and would become Henry II. He is called both Peter the Just and Peter the Cruel. His chronicles were mostly written by those loyal to his brother, but recent historians have changed their views about him, and said that he was loved by the peasantry and commoners.

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