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1027 – Pope John XIX crowns Conrad II as Holy Roman Emperor in Rome. He had been elected as King of the Romans or King of the Germans in 1024. He would rule until 1039.


1031 – A boy is born to King Duncan I of Alba. He is called Malcolm and would rule the same northern part of Scotland. When he became King exactly is unknown, but he was king by 1058 and would rule until 1093. The struggles he and his father had to keep control of their kingdom was dramatized by William Shakespeare in MacBeth.

1868 – The future King Fuad I of Egypt is born in Cairo. He was the first Egyptian monarch to call himself King, as they were called Sultan before. He became Sultan in 1917, but when the United Kingdom ended its protectorate status over Egypt, be started using the title King. He would rule until 1936 and had gone back and forth with Parliament over the constitution of Egypt.

1871 – Prince Kalanianaʻole is born in Hawaii. He was the son of a Chieftan, but would be adopted in the royal Kamehameha house. He was 24 when the Hawaiian monarchs were overthrown, and after a period of exile, would come back and serve as a U.S. Congressman.

1876 – Prince William of Albania is born today in Germany. He would be offered rule of Albania when it became independent in 1913. However in late 1914, he would have to leave the country as civil war broke out around him. The monarchy was officially abolished in 1925. He would live out his days in his native Germany.

2005 – In not so dead royals, a daughter is born to Prince Friso and Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau, named Emma Luana. She is a granddaughter of former Queen Beatrix and niece of current King Willem-Alexander, but because of her father’s marriage without Parliamentary approval, she is not in line for the Dutch throne. She is however, in line for the British throne, albeit over 800 spots from the crown.


1130 – King Sigurd I of Norway dies in Oslo at about age 40. He was the son of Magnus III and became king after his father’s death in 1103. In 1107, he led a Norwegian Crusade to the Holy Land, which was a success for the king. His reign is considered to be one of the “Golden Age” of Norway.

1212 – Sancho I of Portugal dies at age 57 in Coimbra. Sancho was only the second King of the Portuguese kingdom, and is known as “the Populator” for his founding of towns and settlements with immigrants to the new country. He had been King since 1185, and among his children there are a King of Portugal, a Queen consort of Leon, a Queen consort of Castile, and a Queen consort of Denmark.

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