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1910 – The future Queen Ingrid of Denmark is born in Stockholm. She was the daughter of King Gustaf VI Adolph of Sweden, and Queen Margaret. Ingrid’s mother was a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, and at one point, she was almost married off to one of her British cousins. But instead she would marry the future Frederick IX of Denmark in 1935, and become Queen consort in 1947. Before her accession, she was a popular supporter for the Danish resistance during World War II. Her daughter, Margrethe, is the current Queen of Denmark.


1884 – Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany dies at age 30 in Cannes, France. He suffered from haemophilia and had slipped and fallen the previous day, and had what appears to be an internal hemorrhage. He was the fourth son, and eighth child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. He had been married off to a German princess two years before. They already had a daughter, and his wife was pregnant at his death. Through his son, Charles Edward, Leopold is the great grandfather of the current Swedish king. He was also the second of Victoria’s children to predecease her.

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