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1204 – The formidable Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine, died in her early 80’s. She was the Duchess of the richest and largest region of France. She was Queen consort of France from 1137 until 1152, while she was married to Louis VII of France. She would even accompany him on the Second Crusade. After their marriage was dissolved, she married the Duke of Normandy and Count of Anjou, Henry. In 1154, Henry acceded to the throne of England, thus making Eleanor Queen of England now. They would have 8 children, with two daughters becoming Queens in Europe, and three sons becoming King in England. After her husbands death, she served as regent for her son, Richard I, when he went on the Third Crusade. She had lived well into the reign of her youngest child, John, and was living in an Abbey in her native Aquitaine. Her direct descendants would rule England for the next 300 years and is still looked at as one of the most influential women of Europe during the Medieval period.

1922 – The deposed Charles I of Austria died at age 34 of pneumonia. He had become Emperor of Austria in 1916 after the death of Franz Joseph I. World War I was in full swing when he took over. He never officially abdicated, but in 1918, he renounced participation in all state affairs of both Austria and Hungary. He attempted to reclaim the thrones after the war, but they were unsuccessful. He was the last Emperor of the Hapsburg-Lorraine family.

1947 – King George II of Greece dies in Athens at age 56. He had originally become king in 1922, but was deposed in 1924. However he would be restored in 1935. He ruled through the tumultuous period of World War II. His brother Paul would become king after him, and be the last King of the Hellenes.

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