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1566 – The Compromise of Nobles is presented to Margaret of Parma, regent of the Netherlands for her half-brother, Phillip II of Spain. Two hundred Dutch Nobles presented the petition in order to stop the Inquisition in the Habsburg Netherlands, and ask the king to moderate the heresy laws. Phillip would ultimately reject the demands, and lead to the Eighty Years War and the Dutch Revolt.

1472 – Bianca Maria Sforza is born in Milan, Italy to the Duke and Duchess of Milan. Her older sister half sister was the fierce Caterina Sforza. At age 2, she was married off to her cousin, Philibert I, Duke of Savoy. She would be widowed at age 10. At age 22, she married Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, and thus became Empress consort at his accession in 1508. They had no children, and it was said to be an unhappy marriage. But she was a good stepmother to his children, until her death in 1510 at age 38.

1857 – Alexander of Battenburg is born in Germany to Prince Alexander of Hesse and by Rhine and his wife, Countess Julia von Hauke. He would spend time in the Russian court of his uncle Alexander II of Russia, and eventually be offered the title of sovereign Prince of Bulgaria. He would rule from 1879 until 1886, when he was overthrown in a military coup. He would live out his days in exile in Austria.

1863 – Princess Victoria of Hesse and by Rhine is born in Windsor Castle in England. She was a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, through Princess Alice, Victoria’s daughter. She would grow up in Germany, but spend time in Britian. In 1884, she married Prince Louis of Battenburg, who was living in Britain and serving in the British Navy. Her eldest child, Alice, would marry Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark, and her other daughter would become Queen consort of Sweden. Her daughter Alice, would have a son named Phillip, who is currently the Duke of Edinburgh and married to Queen Elizabeth II.

1697 – Charles XI of Sweden dies at age 41 of stomach cancer. He had become king at age 5 after the death of his father. He would assume power at age 17, and aside from fighting the Danish early on, his reign was mostly peaceful. He spent the rest of his time as king rebuilding Sweden’s economy and military, leaving a sound country for his son, Charles XII.

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