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1520 – A revolt begins in Castile, Spain against the rule and policies of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor. Charles had been primarily raised abroad, and had only come to the throne recently. The revolt would end in favor of the Royalist forces.

1746 – The Battle of Culloden takes place between the British forces led by the recently in power Hanoverians, and the French backed Jacobite Stuarts. The battle would be a decisive victory for the British, but the victory would be sullied by their treatment of the POW’s and their attacked while the Jacobite armies were in retreat.

1319 – The future John II of France is born in Le Mans, France. He would become king after his father inherited the throne when all of Phillip IV’s son’s died without male issue. It was disputed as Phillip IV had a grandson through his daughter. John became king in 1350, at the start of the Hundred Years War. Although he has a good reputation and is even called ‘Jean le Bon’ France ultimately lost large amounts of territory under him. He would actually be captured in battle, and die in English captivity.

1940 – In not-so-dead royalty, Margrethe II of Denmark is born today. She was the eldest daughter of Frederick IX and Queen Ingrid. When it was apparent her parents would not have any more children, and being that Margarethe only had sisters, the law was changed to allow her accession to the throne, over male claimants. She is the first Queen regnant of Denmark since 1375.

1955 – Also in not-so-dead royalty, the current Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Henri is born today. He was the son of Grand Duke Jean and Grand Duchess Josephine. He is also the cousin of the current Belgian King Philippe. Henri’s youngest son, Sebastien was born today also, in 1992.

2008 – A daughter is born today to the then Belgian heir apparent, Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde. As of July 2013, her parents are the current monarchs.

1942 – Princess Alexandra of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha died today at age 63. She was a daughter of Prince Alfred, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, who was the son of Queen Victoria. Alexandra was also a granddaughter of Alexander II of Russia through her mother, Marie Alexandrovna. As a young girl, she was a bridesmaid at the wedding of the future George V and Queen Mary. Her elder sister, also Marie, would become Queen consort of Romania. In her later years, Alexandra was a supporter of the Nazi party, at the beginning of the second World War.

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