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1025 – Boleslaw I Chrobry is crowned as the first King of Poland. He is credited with bringing Poland to the stage as a player in European politics.

1518 – The coronation of Bona Sforza as Queen consort of Poland takes place. She was the second wife of Sigismund I.

1909 – In non-royal news, Joan of Arc was beatified by the Catholic church, paving the way for her canonization in 1920.

1480 – Lucrezia Borgia is born near Rome to Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia and his mistress, Vannozza dei Cattanei. Her father would later become the infamous Pope Alexander VI. She was married and divorced to serve her father’s political needs. History is not kind to her, as she is accused with having incestuous relationships with her father and her brother Cesare. Nothing can be proven though. She would die in childbirth at age 39.

1917 – Frederica of Hanover, future Queen of the Hellenes is born in Brunswick, Germany. She was the daughter of the Duke of Brunswick, and Princess Viktoria of Prussia, the granddaughter of Wilhelm II of Germany, and thus a descendant of Queen Victoria of Great Britain. In 1936 she married Greek Crown Prince Paul and became Queen of the Hellenes from 1947 until 1964, when Paul died. Her son would become King Constantine II, and her daughter would marry into the Spanish Royal Family and is the now former Queen Sofia of Spain.

1945 – William, Sovereign Prince of Albania dies at age 69 in exile in Romania. The German prince had been appointed to the throne of Albania in March of 1914, however after only 6 months, he would flee in exile. His reign would officially end in 1925, when Albania was declared a republic. During his exile, he spent time in the German Imperial Army, during World War I.

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