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1713 – Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI issues the Pragmatic Sanction of 1713. The sanction states that if he should die with no living male heirs, the Habsburg lands and crown would pass to his daughter, the future Maria Theresa of Austria, who was born in 1717.

1770 – Maria Antonia, Archduchess of Austria is married by proxy in Vienna to the Dauphin of France, Louis Auguste. Four years later they would become the King and Queen of France as Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

1956 – Prince Rainier of Monaco marries American movie star Grace Kelly. They had a civil ceremony the previous day, and a religious ceremony on this day. It was watched by an estimated 30 million people.

1793 – Ferdinand I of Austria is born in Vienna. He was the heir of Francis II and Maria Theresa of the Two Sicilies. He would come to the Imperial throne in 1835, and while his diaries show that he was mentally capable and witty, he also suffered from a severe speech impediment and epilepsy. It was so severe that when he tried to consummate his marriage to Maria Anna of Sardinia, he had 5 seizures. So thus he had no children. He would abdicate after the 1848 Revolutions and he was succeeded by his nephew, Franz Joseph I.

1390 – Robert II of Scotland dies at age 74. He was the son of Marjorie Bruce, and Walter Stewart, 6th High Steward of Scotland. Marjorie was the daughter of the Scottish hero, Robert the Bruce. He came to the throne after the death of his uncle, David II. He would spend a good part of his reign fighting off an English invasion. He was the first ruler from the House of Stewart (later Stuart), who would rule just Scotland until 1603, when then inherited the throne of England too.

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