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No major events.

1673 – Wilhelmine Amalia of Brunswick-Luneberg is born in Germany. In 1699, she married Austrian Archduke Joseph, who became Holy Roman Emperor in 1705. They marriage was happy at first, but broke down with Joseph’s affairs and believed syphilis. She would be widowed in 1711, and Joseph’s brother, Charles would succeed him. Wilhelmine only had surviving daughters with her husband, who would go on to be Queen of Poland, and another Holy Roman Empress.

1926 – Princess Elizabeth of York is born in London to Prince Albert, Duke of York, and Duchess Elizabeth. Her father became King George VI in 1936 after the death of his father and abdication of his brother. We know Elizabeth now as the current Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. She famously celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in 2012, after becoming Queen in 1952.

2007 – Princess Isabella of Denmark is born to Crown Prince Henrik and Princess Mary. She is currently third in line for the throne behind her father and elder brother Christian.

1509 – King Henry VII of England died at age 52 of tuberculosis. He had come to be king in 1485 at the Battle of Bosworth Field, when the forces he led defeated the forces of Richard III and killed Richard. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Edward IV and united the Houses of York and Lancaster. Henry was an effective administrator and did a great amount to secure his power and grow the wealth of the nation and the crown. He would be succeeded by his surviving son, now Henry VIII.

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