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No major events.

1451 – The future Isabella I of Castile was born. She was the daughter of John II of Castile and Isabella of Portugal, and the sister of Henry IV. She became queen in her own right in 1474, and 5 years later, became Queen consort of Aragon when she married Ferdinand II. They would finance Christopher Columbus’ journeys to the Americas, and complete the Reconquista of Spain. Isabella and Ferdinand would also begin the Spanish Inquisition and expel the Jews from their lands. Their daughter Joanna succeeded her, with her husband Phillip acting as co-ruler. After Phillip’s death and Joanna’s alleged breakdown, Ferdinand continued to rule as regent until their grandson, Charles, could assume power.

1852 – William IV of Luxembourg is born today. He would succeed his uncle and become Grand Duke of Luxembourg in 1905 and rule until 1912. He was the last Protestant monarch of the country and the last ruler to die in office. He would have no sons, but six daughters with Infanta Marie Anne of Portugal. His daughter Marie-Adelaide succeeded him immediately, but would abdicate after only seven years, and his next daughter, Charlotte assumed the throne.

1868 – Archduchess Marie Valerie is born in Hungary as the youngest child of Emperor Franz Joseph I and Empress Elisabeth. She was doted on by her mother, to the point of exasperation for Valerie. Unlike her siblings, she was allowed to marry for love, and not for the dynasty. She married another Austrian, an archduke and cousin, Franz Salvator. She was said to be crushed by her brother, Rudolf’s suicide in 1889. After the end of World War I, she officially renounced her claim to the Austrian crown, and any claim for her descendants.

1872 – Princess Margaret of Prussia is born in Potsdam, Germany. She was the daughter of the future Emperor Frederick III and Empress Victoria. Empress Victoria was the Princess Royal of Great Britain as the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria. She married Prince Frederick Charles of Hesse-Kassel, future Landgrave of the region. Her husband was even elected King of Finland, but was unable to claim the throne because of the anti-German tide after World War I. She would lose three of her five sons during both World War I and II.

1906 – Prince Gustaf Adolph, Duke of Vasterbotten was born in Stockholm. He was the eldest son of Gustaf VI Adolph of Sweden and Queen Margaret. Through his mother, he was a great-grandson of Queen Victoria of Great Britain. During his life, he was rumored to have been a Nazi sympathizer, but the release of his journals after his death provide otherwise. He would die suddenly at age 40 after a plane crash. His son is the current king of Sweden, as Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.

No major deaths.

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