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1923 – Prince Albert, Duke of York marries Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. We know them better as King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, parents of the current Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. The wedding took place at Westminster Abbey. Albert actually proposed to Elizabeth twice before she finally accepted, having reservations about royal life. Lady Elizabeth also started the tradition of royal brides laying their bouquets at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior.

1575 -Marie de Medici is born in Florence to the powerful banking Medici family. She married Henry IV of France and Navarre in 1600, but was not crowned until 1610, on the day before her husbands assassination. She had five surviving children by Henry, who include, Louis XIII, whom she acted as regent for, and two of her daughters became Queen consort of Spain, and Queen consort of England and Scotland.

1648 – The future Peter II of Portugal is born today in Lisbon. He first served as regent for his elder brother, Afonso VI from 1668, until Afonso’s death in 1683. He had nine children from two marriages. Initially he supported France in the War of Spanish Succession, but then signed a treaty with Britain that included a trade agreement. His son, John V would take his places as king after the elder John’s death in 1706.

1782 – Maria Amalia of Naples and Sicily was born near the city of Naples. She was a daughter of Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies and Austrian Archduchess Maria Carolina. Through her mother she was a granddaughter of Maria Theresa of Austria and a niece of Marie Antoinette. She married in 1809 to Louis-Phillipe d’Orleans, who in 1830, became King Louis-Phillipe I of France, making Maria Amalia Queen consort until 1848, when the monarchy was overthrown again in France. The family fled to England, where both she and her husband lived out their days.

No major deaths.