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1296 – The Battle of Dunbar takes place as part of the First War of Scottish Independence. The Battle would be a win for the Scots led by King John Balliol, but following battles would go in favour of the English.

1650 – Charlotte Amalie of Hesse-Kassel is born in Germany to the family of the Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel. She went on to marry Christian V of Denmark and Norway, becoming Queen consort in 1670. She never wielded much political influence, but she was able to fund the start of a Reformed faith church, which she adhered to, and secured rights for others of her faith. This was difficult as her husband was the head of the Lutheran Church in Denmark. She also became known for her rousing speeches in defense of Copenhagen during the invasion of 1700, after the death of her husband.

1701 – Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia is born in Turin to Victor Emmanuel II and Anne Marie d’Orleans. Charles became King in 1730 after his fathers abdication. He had not been as well educated as expected of a king, but he was a sound military leader. He would be a major player in the War of Polish Succession and War of Austrian Succession.

1806 – Maria Christina is born as a Princess of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies in Italy. In 1829, she became Queen consort of Spain to her uncle Ferdinand VII of Spain. Ferdinand had no children and was desperate for heir, which Maria provided in 1830, when the future Isabella II of Spain was born. She would act as regent for her daughter and fought for her succession in the Carlist Wars. However, she secretly married a captain of the guard just a month after her husbands death, but hid the marriage until 1840, when she was discovered and forced to resign as regent. She lived in exile for the rest of her days, but maintained a relationship with her daughter, who officially consented to the marriage in 1844.

1848 – Otto of Bavaria is born in Munich as the younger son of Maximilian II and Marie of Prussia. He was the younger brother of the future Ludwig II. In 1865 he began showing signs of mental illness. His conditioned worsened and he would spend time under the care of doctors until his own accession in 1886, however under the rule of a regent, his uncle. When his uncle died, Otto’s cousin took over as regent, but had the law amended so Otto could be deposed and the cousin became King Ludwig III. Otto still retained his title and honors until his death in 1916.

1967 – In not so dead royals, Willem-Alexander, King of the Netherlands was born today. He is the eldest son of Queen Beatrix and Prince Consort Claus. He became King on April 30th, 2013, after his mothers abdication. He was the first male Dutch royal birth since 1884.

No major deaths.

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