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1603 – Elizabeth I’s funeral took place in London. Her body was first taken by barge down the river, then carried on a horse drawn hearse, draped in all black. A contemporary chronicler stated that people lined the streets of Westminster and wept openly as she passed. It was stated that there had never been such an outpouring of grief for any other person to date. She was buried at Westminster Abbey in a tomb with her sister, Mary I.

1442 – Edward of York was born to Richard, Duke of York and Cecily Neville, while in Rouen, France. Through both parents, he inherited a strong claim to the Crown of England, as a great-great grandson of Edward III. In 1460, he would assert the claim against his cousins of the House of Lancaster, in a series of fights called the Wars of the Roses. The following year he would win the throne and be crowned as Edward IV.

1192 – Conrad of Montferrat is assassinated in Acre by the Hashshashin, just four days after being elected as the new King of Jerusalem. He was also due to the crown through his wife, Isabella I of Jerusalem, but there had been some debate about the will of Baldwin IV, and some push back from Guy of Luisignan. However who ordered the hit on Conrad is still a mystery, as the Third Crusade was in full swing.

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