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1860 – Charles XV and IV of Sweden and Norway is crowned as King of Sweden in Stockholm. Today is also his birthday.

1415 – Cecily Neville is born in England to Ralph Neville and Joan Beaufort, the Earl and Countess of Westmorland. She was a great-granddaughter to Edward III and Queen Philippa. She married Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York, and in time, gave birth to three daughters, who all married into peerage, and four sons, two of whom became Kings of England as Edward IV and Richard III. “Proud Cis” lived until she was 80, and thus watched the whole of the Wars of the Roses, which her family was deeply entrenched in. She outlived all of her sons. But Cecily lived long enough to watch her granddaughter, the once illegitimatized Elizabeth, Edward IV’s daughter, become Queen consort of England. Since Henry VIII, every English monarch is somehow descended from Cecily Neville.

1446 – Today in Cecily gave birth to a daughter, Margaret. In 1468, Margaret left England, and married the Duke of Burgundy , Charles the Bold. The marriage was meant to ally Burgundy and England against France, but due to political machinations, this did not come about. However, Margaret was still an asset to Charles, as she was an intelligent and capable administrator during his absences. After Charles’ death, Margaret acted as regent and protector of the Duchy for her step-children. She was ultimately unable to prevent the wars and dynastic struggles that came after, but Margaret died in 1503 with the reputation as a strong female figure.

1764 – Elisabeth of France is born at the Palace of Versailles. Her father was Louis, Dauphin of France, and son to Louis XV. At age two she was orphaned, with the sudden loss of both her parents. Her elder brother became the Dauphin, and later, Louis XVI. She refused to marry, because it would have caused her to leave France, and she was devoted to her brother. She also refused to leave France on the outbreak of the Revolution and was a staunch supporter of the Royalists. She paid for this devotion with her life, when she was guillotined in 1794.

1826 – Charles XV of Sweden and IV of Norway was born today in Stockholm. In 1860 today, he was also crowned as King of Sweden, with his Norwegian coronation following months later. Though he was forced to remain neutral during any fighting during his reign, he was able to maintain a good relationship with Frederick VII of Denmark. His daughter married the future Frederick VIII. He would have no surviving sons, but his brother would succeed him as Oscar II. The current kings of Sweden are not descendants of his, but the Norwegian ones are, through his daughters Danish children.

1870 – Princess Helena Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein is born in England to Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein and Princess Helena of Great Britain. Through her mother she was a granddaughter of Queen Victoria. In 1917 after her cousin, George V, changed the name of his family to the House of Windsor and renounced German titles on behalf of many of his family members, Helena stopped using her territorial designation. She never married, and spent her life doing charitable works for young people. One of her last public appearances was in 1947 at the wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Lt. Phillip Mountbatten.

1152 – Matilda of Boulogne died in England of a fever. She was the wife of Stephen I of England, and Countess of Boulogne in her own right. She was a fierce supporter of her husband during his fights with his cousin also named Matilda. She rallied troops to his cause, and later acted as negotiator when Stephen was captured. She even led an attack on the other Matilda’s army when they were besieging the city of Winchester. Her title and lands of Boulogne passed through her children, until landing with her daughter, Marie.

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