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1509 – The funeral of Henry VII takes place in London. Henry is interred at Westminster Abbey, next to his wife, Elizabeth of York.

1891 – Tsarevich Nicholas of Russia is wounded by an assassination attempt while on a state visit to Japan. One of his escorts attempted to slash him with a sword and left him with a scar on his face for life.

1366 – Anne of Bohemia is born to Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and Elizabeth of Pomerania. In 1382, she married Richard II of England. Some chroniclers have been harsh to Anne for not fulfilling her “duties” as Queen but baring children, but she is said to have been popular with the people, for things such as asking for pardons for those involved in the Peasant’s Revolt of 1381. Anne would die at just 28 years of age of the plague.

1733 – Princess Victoire of France is born at Versailles to king Louis XV and Queen Maria. She spent her early years at an Abbey for studies, but went back to live at court in her late teens. She was jealous of her father’s mistresses, mainly Madame du Barry, and was involved with scandals between du Barry and the new Dauphine, Marie Antoinette. When the Revolution broke out she fled to Italy with one of her sisters, until her death from cancer at age 66.

No major deaths.