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1515 – Mary Tudor, daughter of Henry VII of England and sister to Henry VIII, married Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk at Greenwich palace. They had actually married previously in France, when Charles was sent by the King to bring Mary home after the death her first husband, King Louis XII of France.

1568 – The Battle of Langside took place between forces looking to reinstate Mary, Queen of Scots, and troops led by her half-brother, the Earl of Moray, who was also regent for Mary’s infant son, and King, James VI. Moray’s forces were victorious and Mary ended up fleeing for England just a few days later. The fighting would continue though, as some nobles still fought to bring her back as Queen.

1940 – As a result of the Nazi invasion, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands flees to Great Britain, and her daughter, Princess Juliana and children, head to Canada.

1254 – Marie of Brabant is born in modern day Belgium to Henry III, Duke of Brabant and Adelaide of Burgundy. She married Phillip III of France in 1274 as his second wife. She had three children by Louis, the youngest, Margaret went on to be the second wife of Edward I of England. She lived well into the reign of her stepson, Phillip IV, and negotiated peace between England and France in 1294.

1717 – Maria Theresa of Austria was born today at Hofburg Palace in Vienna. The only Queen regnant of the House of Habsburg, Maria led the country with several reforms which included educational, financial, and military reforms, however, she was not tolerant of non-Catholic religions. She also managed to have 16 children, which included 2 Holy Roman Emperors, a Queen of Naples, a few Dukes and Duchesses, and a famous Queen of France, Marie Antoinette. Maria Theresa was a fierce woman for the ages, with even Frederick the Great of Prussia writing about her, “That woman’s achievements are those of a great man.”

1742 – Maria Christina was born in Vienna today to Maria Theresa and Francis I. She was called “Mimi” and said to be her mother’s favourite, which caused bitter jealously from some of her siblings. She married Prince Albert of Saxony in what is said to be a love match. They were made the Duke and Duchess of Teschen, and Albert was made an Austrian Archduke and a governor of Hungary. During her brother Joseph’s reign, they were made governors of the Austrian Netherlands. Mimi’s relationship with her sisters never got better and Marie Antoinette famously snubbed her during a state visit, while Mimi acted indifferent at the news of her sister’s death.

1822 – Francis, Dike of Cadiz was born today in Spain. In 1846, he married his double first cousin Isabella II of Spain. They had five children, including the future Alfonso XII. The marriage was not happy at first, and after the wedding night, Isabella complained about his effeminate nature. They separated when Isabella was exiled to France, but eventually reconciled and had a friendly relationship. He did live long enough to see his son restored to the throne.

1979 – In not so dead royals, Prince Carl Phillip of Sweden is born in Stockholm. He is the second child and eldest son of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia. He is currently third in the line of succession behind his elder sister, the Crown Princess Victoria and his niece, Estelle.

No major deaths.

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