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996 – Otto III of Germany is crowned as Holy Roman Emperor in Rome. He was 16 years old and had already been King of Germany since he was three years old.

1553 – Lady Jane Grey, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Suffolk, and grand-niece to Henry VIII of England, is married to Lord Guilford Dudley, son of the Duke of Northumberland. Northumberland was the de facto head of Edward VI’s council, and when the young king laid dying, he put Jane forth as Edward’s successor instead of Edward’s half sisters, Mary and Elizabeth. They would both be taken to the Tower after Edward’s death and would never leave, both being executed in 1554 when they were in their late teens.

1674 – John Sobieski is elected King of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth. He would assumed the name John III and rule until 1696.

1939 – King George VI and Queen Elizabeth were in Ottawa, Canada to dedicate and unveil the National War Memorial. It was initially for World War I, but later rededicated to include World War II and the Korean War. The Canadian Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was later added.

1527 – Phillip II of Spain was born Valladolid. He was the son of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and Isabella of Portugal. He would inherit is father’s Spanish lands, but not the Imperial titles or lands. He is famous for a few things, the first being married to Mary I of England from 1554 until her death in 1558, then for being a thorn in the side of Elizabeth I and sending the doomed Spanish Armada to depose her. He did help to expand Spanish territories in the New World, but also left Spain a financial disaster. In 1581, he also became King of Portugal and saw the beginning of the Dutch Revolt that year. He passed away at age 71.

1653 – Eleanor of Austria is born in Germany as the daughter of Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor. In 1670 she married the King of Poland, Michael Korybut. She was Queen consort of Poland for three years before Michaels death. They had no children, and she later remarried to the Duke of Lorraine and live out her days in Austria.

1864 – Princess Stephanie of Belgium is born. She was the daughter of Leopold II and Marie Henriette of Austria. In 1881, Stephanie was shipped off to Austria to marry the Crown Prince Rudolf, son of Emperor Franz Joseph I and Empress Elisabeth. She had one child with her husband, the Archduchess Elisabeth Marie. Stephanie did not get along with her mother in law, who used to insult her publicly. She may have begun having affairs, but we know Rudolf definitely did. He was found dead in 1889 with his mistress at Meyerling. She later remarried, and had to move around throughout Hungary as war broke out.

1885 – Sophie of Schonburg-Waldenberg is born in Potsdam, Germany. In 1906 she married Prince William of Wied. After the births of their children, in 1914, William was asked to become the sovereign Prince of Albania. However by the time they arrived, the situation was volatile and they were forced to leave the country six months later. They were technically rulers until 1925 when Albania was declared a republic. Sophie lived the rest of her life in Romania.

987 – Louis V, the last Carolingian king of France died at age 20 from a fall from a horse. He had only been King for a year and unfortunately been unable to completely much during his reign. He would be succeeded by Hugh Capet, who’s descendants would rule France until the French Revolution.

1254 – Conrad IV of Germany, King of Sicily, Jerusalem, and Germany died of malaria in southern Italy. He was the son of Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor and had ruled since 1228. He had ruled during times of great upheaval in the Empire and had been excommunicated at the time of his death. It would take 20 years for another clear ruler to emerge from Germany.

1471 – Henry VI of England is found dead in his cell in the Tower of London. He had deposed the month before for the second time as King of England. He had become king in 1422 after the early death of his father Henry V. He was deposed by the first time by Edward of York during the War of the Roses. He was restored to the throne in 1470 only to be overthrown and imprisoned. His wife, Margaret of Anjou had tirelessly worked to keep him as King, but it was for naught, partly to do with Henry’s mental instability. Henry was 49 years old and may have been dispatched by the orders of Edward IV.

1481 – In Copenhagen, Christian I of Denmark and Norway died at age 55. He had been King of Denmark since 1448, King of Norway since 1450 which he ruled until his death. Christian had also been King of Sweden from 1457 until 1464. In 1479 he started the University of Copenhagen. His House of Oldenburg would rule Denmark until 1814.

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