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1487 – Lambert Simnel a ten year old pretender to the English throne is crowned in Ireland. It was believed that the boy was Richard, Duke of York, the younger son of Edward IV. Henry VII was newly on the throne, and it was previously believed that Richard and his older brother Edward were dead. The boy was captured and the rebellion in his name was crushed. Henry pardoned him and gave him a job in his kitchens.

1832 – The Convention of London establishes the First Kingdom of Greece. It marked the first independent Greek state since the break up of the Byzantine Empire.

1819 – The future Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Empress of India is born in London today, and was christened as Alexandrina Victoria. She was the only daughter on Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, and she was a granddaughter of King George III. Being the child of a fourth son, she should not have been Queen. But with the only legitimate offspring of her elder uncles dying young, she became Queen at age 18. She went on to reign for 63 years and is the longest serving British monarch and the longest reigning Female monarch in European history. Her nine children with her husband, Prince Albert went on to marry into various European royal houses, giving her the nickname the “Grandmother of Europe.”

1874 – Princess Marie of Hesse and by Rhine was born today in 1874. She was one of the younger children of Princess Alice of the United Kingdom and Hessian Grand Duke Louis IV. Her elder sister Alix was the ill-fated Empress Alexandra of Russia. Sadly little “May” would die from diphtheria at age 4 in a breakout that also killed her mother, whom she shares a tomb with.

1995 – In not so dead royalty, Prince Joseph Wenzel of Lichtenstein is born today in London. He is currently second in the line of succession behind his father and grandfather. He is also a claimant to the Jacobite succession of Britain, through his mother, Bavarian Duchess Sophie.

1153 – King David I of Scotland died today. When he was young, he spent time in exile during the reign of his uncle, Donald III. David was a younger son of Malcolm III. His brother was Alexander I, whom David would succeed. During the Anarchy in England, he was a supporter of Empress Matilda, who’s father he had spent time before becoming King. He instituted several reforms in Scotland, and is even credited with introducing feudalism to the Scots.

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