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1135 – Alfonso VII of Castile and Leon is crowned in Leon as “Emperor of all Spain”. His mother, Urraca of Castile was the first person to use the title.

1805 – Napoleon I of France is invested with the title “King of Italy” and is crowned in Milan with the Iron Crown of Lombardy, which had been used to crown the Kings of Italy since the 8th or 9th century.

1896 – Nicholas II and Alexandra were crowned as Emperor and Empress of Russia. Nicholas was 28 and Alexandra was not quite 24. Nicholas had been Emperor since his father’s death in late 1894. However the ceremonies were overshadowed by the Tragedy at Khodynka. A festival was held in celebration, but it quickly turned into a riot, where almost 1400 people died, and another 1300 were injured.

1867 – Princess Victoria Mary of Teck is born in London. Her father, Francis, Duke of Teck was a minor German royal, and her mother, Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge was a grandchild of King George III. In 1891, “May” as she was called, was engaged to Prince Albert Victor, eldest son of the future Edward VII and heir to the throne. However he died before the marriage could take place. As May mourned him alongside his family, she grew closer to his younger brother and the new heir, Prince George. They married in 1893. In 1910, after a tenure as Duchess of York and Princess of Wales, May’s husband became King George V, and she became known as Queen Mary. Two of her sons would become kings however only one crowned, as George VI.

1968 – In not-so-dead royalty, a most happy birthday to His Royal Highness, The Crown Prince of Denmark, Frederik. He is the eldest son of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and Prince Henrik, and is the current heir to the Danish throne.

946 – Edmund I, King of England is murdered by a thief at a St. Augustine’s Day Mass. He had been king since 939, and was a grandson of Alfred the Great. He had been successful in defending Northumbria from Viking raiders. His brother, Aethelstan would succeed him immediately, and both of his sons, would later become Kings as Eadwig and Edgar.

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