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1536 – Henry VIII married Jane Seymour, who had been a lady-in-waiting to his previous wife, Anne Boleyn. Anne had been executed less than two weeks prior.

1842 – John Francis shot a pistol at Queen Victoria while she was riding in a carriage through London. The previous day he aimed the gun at her while she was taking the same ride, but he escaped. Francis was captured by police men in street clothes, convicted of High Treason, and given a life sentence.

1653 – Claudia Felicitas of Austria is born in Italy as an Archduchess of Austria. In 1673, she married Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor. They would have two children, who would not live past their first year. Sadly Claudia would die herself in Vienna in 1676.

1845 – The future Amadeo I of Spain is born in Savoy, Italy. He was a son of Victor Emmanuel II of Italy, and was put forth on the throne of Spain after the deposition of Isabella II. He took over in 1870, and would only rule for three years, and was forced to abdicate. He was wildly unpopular in Spain and after his abdication, he went back to his homeland and lived in Turin until his death in 1890.

1252 – In Seville, Spain, Ferdinand III of Castile died at age 52. He had troubles claiming the throne at first, due to his parents marriage being dissolved, but not only was he able to claim Castile in 1217, but he also became King of Leon in 1230, uniting the two Spanish Kingdoms. He also continued and amped up the Reconquista of Spain from the Moors.

1574 – Charles IX of France died in Paris at age 23 of tuberculosis. He was the second son of Henry II and Catherine de Medici. He became king in 1560 after the death of his older brother, Francis II. His mother served as his regent until 1563. He had also been king during the tragic and bloody French Wars of Religion and the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. Henry of Navarre, the future Henry IV of France, spent part of Charles’ last day with him, in which Charles’ expressed his love for Henry and implored him to take care of his wife and child.

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