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1204 – Phillip II of France conquers the city of Rouen, which was part of English held France. Rouen was part of Normandy, which had been part of Henry II’s Angevin Empire.

1252 – Alfonso X of Castile succeeds his father, Ferdinand III, two days after his death.

1533 – Anne Boleyn was crowned as Queen of England in Westminster Abbey. She was the second wife of Henry VIII and her marriage to him had been proclaimed as valid earlier in May, while Henry’s marriage to his first wife, Catherine of Aragon was invalidated. She was heavily pregnant at the time with the future Elizabeth I and is the last Queen consort to be crowned separately than her husband.

1670 – The secret treaty of Dover is signed by Charles II and Louis XIV which effectively started the Third Anglo-Dutch War.

1815 – The future Otto of Greece is born in Bavaria as the son of Ludwig I. In 1832 he was proclaimed King of Greece after the Convention of London, which gave Greece its autonomy. In 1843, he gave Greece its first constitution. Unfortunately due to the political pressure and military failures during the Crimean War, Otto was deposed in 1862. He died in 1867 at home in Bavaria.

1879 – The 23 year old Prince Imperial of France, Napoleon, son of Napoleon III died in Africa while fighting in the Anglo-Zulu War. His father had died 6 years before after his overthrow as French Emperor. The younger Napoleon was considered the last of the dynastic Bonapartes and was the scion of the Imperialists in France.

1983 – Prince Charles, Count of Flanders died in Belgium at age 79. He was the second son of King Albert I and brother to Leopold II. He served in both World War I and II, and was regent for his brother during absences. He oversaw women getting the right to vote, Belgium’s admission to the United Nations, and reconstruction after war.

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