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1946 – A referendum in Italy passes, in which the monarchy is abolished and a republic is declared. King Umberto II is sent into exile.

1953 – Queen Elizabeth II was crowned as sovereign of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland and the Commonwealth Nations. The event took place at Westminster Abbey in London and was the first to be televised. Her gown was designed with emblems from the Commonwealth realms and included a Tudor rose, a thistle, a leek, a shamrock, a wattle, a Maple leaf, silver fern, protea, lotus flowers, wheat, cotton, and jute.

1423 – The future Ferdinand I of Naples is born in Aragon, Spain. He was the son of Alfonso V of Aragon and succeeded his father as King of Naples in 1458. His reign was spent mostly at war with the Ottomans, Angevins, and with other Italian cities. Two of his sons would succeed him as King being, Alphonso II and Frederick IV of Naples. His daughter, Joanna became Queen consort of Naples, when she married the son of Alphonso.

1940 – Constantine II of Greece is born in Athens. He was the eldest son of King Paul and succeeded his father in 1964. He is also the younger brother to Queen Sofia of Spain. After a series of political missteps and a coup, a republic was declared in 1973 and the monarchy was abolished. He has been completely stripped of his Greek lands and citizenship. He is also a Danish Prince by descent and uses a Danish diplomatic passport. He currently resides in London.

1418 – Catherine of Lancaster died in Spain, where she was Queen consort of Castile and Leon. She was the wife of Henry III, and mother of John II of Castile. Catherine was born in England as a daughter of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster and a granddaughter of Edward III. She would serve as co-regent for her son, alongside her brother in law, Ferdinand of Aragon. She did her best to protect her son and Castilian interests, but when she finally became regent on her own in 1416, she was ill. Her cause of death two years later is said to be of a stroke. Her great-granddaughter, Catherine of Aragon, would go on to be Queen of England as the first wife of Henry VIII.

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