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1937 – Edward, Duke of Windsor married Wallis Warfield (formerly Simpson) in France. Edward who had been King of the United Kingdom in 1936 famously abdicated the crown in favour of his brother, in order to marry the twice divorced American.

1537 – John Manuel, Prince of Portugal is born today in Evora. He was the son of John III of Portugal and Catherine of Austria, sister of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. Sadly, the Prince would not live to see his 17th, birthday. Eight days after his birth, his wife and first cousin gave birth to a boy, the future Sebastian I of Portugal.

1540 – The Austrian Archduke Charles II was born today in Vienna, as the son of Holy Roman Emperor, Ferdinand I. He ruled Inner Austria on behalf of his father. At one time, he was a suitor of Elizabeth I of England, but she would cite religious differences for not marrying him. He had fifteen children when he did marry. Among his children he can number a Holy Roman Emperor, two Queen consorts of Poland, and a Queen of Spain.

1843 – Frederick VIII of Denmark was also born today. He was the son of Christian IX and brother the Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom and Empress Maria of Russia. He would be the Danish Crown Prince for 43 years and became king when he was 62 years old in 1906. He only ruled for 6 years, and unfortunately wasn’t able to accomplish much in that time. He would be succeeded in Denmark by his son, Christian X, and his second son, would become Haakon VII of Norway.

1865 – George V of the United Kingdom was born today in London. He was the second son of Edward VII, but became heir when his elder brother, Albert Victor died in 1892. George came to the throne after his father and two of his sons would be Kings as Edward VIII and George VI. He was said to be close to his granddaughter, Elizabeth, whom he called ‘Lilibet’.

No major deaths.

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