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1523 – Gustav Vasa is elected to be King of Sweden. He was the first hereditary monarch in modern Sweden and ended Sweden’s participation in the Kalmar Union.

1654 – Queen Christina of Sweden abdicated in favour of her cousin, Charles Gustavus. She was the daughter of Gustavus Adolphous of Sweden, and became Queen regnant after her father’s death in 1632, although not being officially declared Queen until 1633, at age 6. Her abdication came for a couple reasons. She planned to convert to Catholicism, which a monarch was not allowed to be in Sweden, and she famously refused to marry and produce an heir. She returned to Sweden to try and reclaim the throne after Charles died, but was refuted. She lived out her days in Italy.

1808 – Joseph Bonaparte, older brother to Napoleon I of France, is created King of Spain, after the overthrow of Ferdinand VII. He gave up the throne of Naples to assumed the Spanish one, that he would only rule until 1813.

1809 – A new Constitution in accepted in Sweden reestablishing power to the Riksdag. Also Charles XIII is elected as the successor of Gustav IV Adolph.

1857 – The future King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway marries Sophia of Nassau in Hesse, Germany.

1502 – John III of Portugal is born in Lisbon. His parents were Manuel I of Portugal and Maria of Aragon, making him a grandson of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain. He continued to extend Portugal’s reach around the world, and under him, Portugal was the first country to make contact with China and Japan. He became king in 1521 and at his death in 1557 the Portuguese Empire spanned over 1 billion acres.

1714 – The future Joseph I of Portugal is born as the son of John V and Maria Anna of Austria. In 1729 he married a Spanish Infanta, Marianna Victoria. He became king in 1750 and ruled until 1777. He is called “the Reformer” but most of the reforms were instituted by his lead advisor, the Marquis of Pombal. His daughter Maria, and her husband, Peter, would succeed him at his death.

1772 – Maria Theresa of Naples and Sicily is born in Italy. Her parents were Ferdinand I and Maria Carolina. In 1790, she married her double first cousin, who became Holy Roman Emperor Francis II. In 1804, the Holy Roman Empire was officially dissolved and she and her husband became the Emperor and Empress of Austria. Among their children, there is an Austrian Emperor, and Brazilian Empress, a French Empress, and a Crown Princess of Saxony.

1934 – In not so dead royalty, Albert II, King of the Belgians is born to Leopold III and Queen Astrid, he succeeded his brother, Baudouin, as King in 1993.

No major deaths.

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