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No major events.

1688 – James Francis Edward Stuart is born in London to King James II and VII and Queen Mary of Modena. King James was the first Catholic monarch in Britain for some time, and upon the birth of the younger James, there was a fear of a Catholic King. When just a few months old, James was taken to France by his mother, before his father was overthrown in the Glorious Revolution. James would attempt to take the throne, but was unsuccessful. He lived out his days in Rome, with his two sons, one of which, Charles, would also attempt a rebellion as well.

1713 – Princess Caroline is born in Hanover, Germany to the future George II of the United Kingdom. They moved to Britain when she was a baby, as her grandfather became King George I. She never married or had children but was said to have been generous and gave to charity.

1825 – A fourth daughter is born to Bavarian King Ludwig I and Theresa of Saxe-Hildburghausen named Hildegard. In 1844, she married Austrian Archduke Albert. She died at age 38 of a lung illness while visiting Bavaria for her brother’s funeral.

1897 – Russian Grand Duchess Tatiana is born as the second daughter to Tsar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra. During World War I, she headed a Red Cross committee and worked at a military hospital as a nurse, alongside her sister, Olga. During the Revolution of 1917, she was arrested with her parents and siblings. Like her siblings, there were numerous people to come forward and claim to be here, but her remains were found and identified in 2008.

1921 – In not so dead royalty, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was born in Greece as the son of Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark, and Princess Alice of Battenburg. He married the future Queen Elizabeth II in 1947.

1982 – Also in not so dead royalty, Princess Madeleine of Sweden is born as the second daughter of King Carl XVI and Queen Silvia. She is the Duchess of Halsingland and Gastrikland and the younger sister of Crown Princess Victoria. She is currently fourth in the line of succession.

1190 – Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I, or Frederick Barbarossa as he was called died in the Middle East while on his way to the Third Crusade. He drowned in a river while his army crossed a bridge. Frederick did not want to wait, and took his horse through the water, but the current was too strong, and his armor too heavy for him to swim in. He was in his late 60’s and was leading a group of men to attack the Muslims with his contemporary Kings, Richard I of England, and Phillip Augustus of France.

1974 – Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester died in England at age 74. He was a younger son of George V, and the younger brother of Edward VIII and George VI. He served in the Army during World War II, and was Governor-General of Australian from 1945 until 1947. He also acted as Regent for his brother George VI, while he was abroad. Henry outlived all his brothers, dying in 1974.

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