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1429 – French forces led by Joan of Arc laid siege to the city of Jargeau, and English stronghold. The English took heavy losses and after two days, the Duke of Suffolk surrendered the city and was captured.

1492 – Elizabeth Woodville, Dowager Queen of England, is buried at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, next to her late husband, Edward IV. She married Edward in 1464, and it was her second marriage. She was then thrust into the dynastic struggle Edward’s York family was fighting against the Lancaster family, known as the War of the Roses. Elizabeth had famous children as well. Her daughter, also named Elizabeth, became Queen as the wife of Henry VII after the end of the War. Two of her sons are also known to history, Edward V, and Richard, Duke of York, as the Princes in the Tower. Her other daughters also married in the peerage.

1997 – William Shakespeare’s famous Globe Theatre is officially reopened by Queen Elizabeth II.

No major birthdays.

918 – Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians and daughter of Alfred the Great, died in Staffordshire, England. She was married off the the Earl of Mercia by her father, and assumed the title Lady of the Mercians after her husbands death in 910. She ruled their lands in her own right for eight years and was said to be a formidable military commander and administrator.

1758 – Prussian Prince Augustus William died at age 35 of a brain tumor. He was the younger brother of Frederick the Great and served in the military under his brother, who was said to be harsh to Augustus for his believed incompetence. His son would go on the succeed Frederick the Great as King Frederick William II.

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