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1158 – The German city of Munich is said to have been founded by Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony and Bavaria.

1216 – Forces led by Prince Louis of France (future Louis VIII), captured the English city of Winchester and now controlled a majority of King John’s England. However a few months later, Louis support crumbled as John died, and the Barons put their support behind his young son, the nine year old Henry III.

1381 – Richard II of England meets with leaders of the Peasant’s Revolt in London. Later in the day, the Tower of London would be stormed.

1870 – Princess Sophia of Prussia is born in Potsdam to the Crown Prince Frederick (future Frederick III) and Crown Princess Victoria, who was also Princess Royal of the United Kingdom as the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria. Her older brother would become the infamous Kaiser Wilhelm II. In 1889, she married Greek Crown Prince Constantine, and in 1913, became Queen consort of the Hellenes for the first time. In 1917 her husband was forced to abdicate, but was reinstalled in 1920, after the sudden death of her son, Alexander I. Constantine was forced to abdicate again in 1922. Her other two sons would also be King as George II and Paul I. Her daughter would also marry into the Romanian royal family. She died in 1932, in her native Germany.

1894 – The future Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, Marie-Adelaide is born within the territory. She was the first ruler to be born within its borders since the 13th century. She was its first Duchess in her own right, and its first female ruler since it was part of the Holy Roman Empire. In 1912, she succeeded her father, but in 1919, she abdicated in favor of her younger sister, Charlotte, due to her perceived support for the German occupation. She would take the veil as a nun, but die from illness at age 29.

No major deaths.

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