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1487 – Today in 1487 marks the last battle of the Wars of the Roses. The relatively new King, Henry VII was still trying to secure his place on the throne. The Earl of Lincoln, John de la Pole, who had been named by Richard III to be his successor, was putting forth a boy, Lambert Simnel as a pretender to the throne. The battle was bloody, but was a final victory for the Lancastrian forces.

1332 – A daughter named Isabella is born to Edward III and Philippa of Hainault at Woodstock Palace. She was said to be her father’s favourite, and was overindulged as a child. Edward tried to marry her into a powerful alliance, but remained unmarried until she was 33 years old, when she was permitted to marry the Lord de Coucy, later the Count of Soissons and Earl of Bedford. She lived just into the reign of her nephew, Richard II, but her death date is disputed.

1644 – The youngest child of Charles I and Henrietta Maria was born in England, to also be named Henrietta. When she was three years old, she fled England with the rest of her family, and was just five when her father was executed. She would live in the court of her cousin, Louis XIV, and marry Phillippe, Louis’ brother, and also her first cousin, in 1660, after her brother’s restoration as King Charles II. She had two daughters with him, who went on to be Queen consorts of Spain and Sardinia, and was a key player in the secret Treaty of Dover, which attempted to reconcile France and England. She died suddenly at age 26, in France, in 1670.

1937 – In not so dead royalty, Bulgarian Tsar Simeon II is born as the son of Boris III and Tsaritsa Giovanna. In 1943, he became Tsar after the death of his father at age 6. He ruled with his uncle as a regent, but the country was invaded but the Soviets, and in 1946, the monarchy was dissolved and the family was sent into exile. Simeon would live in Spain until the collapse of the Soviet Union, when he returned to Bulgaria, and in 2001, he was elected to the office of Prime Minister until 2005. He never renounced his title, but hasn’t spoke out about his views on possible restoration.

No major deaths.

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