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1429 – The Battle of Patay took place between the French and English, as part of the Hundred Years War. It was a decisive victory for the French, with the teenaged Joan of Arc as one of its leaders. Its been compared as important to the French as Agincourt was to the English.

1633 – Charles I is crowned as King of Scotland. He had been crowned as King of England in London in 1626. It was his first visit to the country since his father’s accession as the English king in 1603.

1264 – Eleanor of England is born at Windsor Castle as the eldest daughter of Edward I and Eleanor of Castile. She stayed in England while her parents were away on Crusade. In 1293, she married Henry III, Count of Bar, to secure and alliance between England and the province of Bar against the French. She died in 1298, at age 29. Eleanor of buried in Westminster Abbey.

1318 – A girl is also born in England, to Edward II and Isabella of France, to also be christened Eleanor. In 1332, she married the Count of Guelders. She had two children, but it was not a happy marriage. Her husband sent her from court, and tried to have the marriage annulled by saying she had leprosy. However, it was found that she wasn’t, and he was forced to keep her. She would serve as a regent for her eldest son for a short time, but spent her last days at a convent in her adopted homeland.

1901 – A fourth daughter is born to Russian Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra, christened Anastasia Nikolaevna. She was said to be happy and mischievous child, playing pranks on her siblings and household members. She was also close with her sister, Maria, and together they were known as the “Little Pair” by their parents. Anastasia was also close with her hemophiliac brother, Tsarevitch Alexei. During World War I, she wasn’t old enough to be a Nurse, like her two eldest sisters, but still worked in the hospital, spending time trying to cheer wounded soldiers up. She was killed in 1918, along with the rest of her immediate family, following her father’s abdication and their captivity. There were several people to come forward later, claiming to be Anastasia, but the family’s remains were found and identified through DNA, thus putting to rest any claims that she lived.

1291 – Alfonso III of Aragon died at age 27 in Barcelona. He had been king since 1287, at the death of his father Peter III. He would conquer the islands of Majorca and Minorca, and give Aragon its own version of the Magna Carta, but the document would continually undermine royal authority long after his death. He had been betrothed the Eleanor, daughter of Edward I of England, but he died before the marriage could take place.

1866 – Prince Sigismund of Prussia, fourth child of future Emperor Frederick III and Empress Victoria, died of meningitis. He had not yet reached his second birthday. The young Prince was the first of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom’s grandchildren to pass away.

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