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1559 – King Henry II of France was mortally wounded in a jousting tournament. He would not die immediately. Henry hung on for several days, due to the efforts of his royal surgeon, but he would succumb to his injuries and infection on July 10. Henry had asked for his mistress, Diane de Poitiers, but she was denied access to the King by his wife, Catherine de Medici. The new King was his 15 year old son, Francis II.

1688 – William, Prince of Orange and Stadtholder of the Netherlands received a letter from seven British nobles asking him to invade Britain and take the throne along side his wife, Princess Mary Stuart. They asserted that the infant son of King James II and VII was an impostor, and the were unhappy with James’ Catholic rule, and the idea of it continuing. William’s wife, Mary, was also James’ daughter, but a Protestant, and William was James’ nephew and third in line for the British crown. William would successfully invade later that year, in what is now called the “Glorious Revolution”.

1470 – The future Charles VIII of France is born to King Louis IX and Charlotte of Savoy. He succeeded his father in 1483, when just thirteen years old. His elder sister, Anne of France, served as regent along side her husband, Peter, Duke of Bourbon, until Charles took the reigns of government in 1491. He married Anne of Brittany, and they would have four children, none of which survived childhood. He also began the French invasions into Italy, but they would be postponed in 1498, when he suddenly died of a head injury at age 27.

1964 – In not so dead royalty, Alexandra, Countess of Fredericksborg is born in Hong Kong to part British, part Asian, and part Austrian parents. In 1995, she married Danish Prince Joachim of Denmark and had two sons with him. They divorced in 2005, and she remarried in 2007, losing her title of Her Royal Highness and Princess, but retaining her Countess title.

1670 – Princess Henrietta of England, died in France at just age 26. When she was three years old, she fled England with the rest of her family, and was just five when her father was executed. She would live in the court of her cousin, Louis XIV, and marry Phillippe, Louis’ brother, and also her first cousin, in 1660, after her brother’s restoration as King Charles II. She had two daughters with him, who went on to be Queen consorts of Spain and Sardinia, and was a key player in the secret Treaty of Dover, which attempted to reconcile France and England.

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