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1191 – Saladin’s troops in Acre surrendered to Phillip II of France, ending a two year siege of the city.

1543 – King Henry VIII of England and Ireland married his sixth wife, Catherine Parr, the recently widowed Lady Latimer. The marriage would last until Henry’s death in 1547.

1690 – The Battle of the Boyne took place in Ireland between the forces of the deposed James II and VII and his son in law, William III. The battle was a victory for the Williamites and James would never regain the British crowns.

1806 – Sixteen German states and Liechtenstein form the Confederation of the Rhine after leaving the Holy Roman Empire.

1596 – The future Michael I of Russia is born in Moscow. He was the nephew of Ivan the Terrible’s wife, Anastasia, and was offered the throne in 1613. It was the first Tsar from the House of Romanov, who would rule Russia until the abolition of the monarch in 1918. He was said to have a good personality, and left the government to his councilors most of the time. His son would succeed him as Alexei I. Michael died also on this day in 1645.

1870 – Prince Louis II of Monaco is born in Baden, Germany as the son of Albert I and Lady Mary Hamilton. He became Sovereign in 1922, following the death of his father. Under his rule, Monaco formed its first Football Club and the first Grand Prix of Monaco took place as well. He attempted to remain neutral during World War II, but Monaco was occupied by the Nazis. He would do his best to help Jews who were about to be arrested escape capture. His grandson and successor, Rainier thought Louis to hesitant to fight the Nazis, which caused a rift between them.

No additional deaths.

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