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1377 – A ten year old Richard II was crowned King of England, after the death of his Grandfather, Edward III. His father, known as Edward, The Black Prince, died when he was just 3 years old.

1951 – King Leopold III of the Belgians was forced to abdicate in favor of his son, Baudouin. The abdication was due to his conduct during World War II, and spent the rest of his life in semi-retirement, acting as an advisor to his son from time to time. He died in 1983.

1611 – Cecilia Renata of Austria is born to Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II and Maria Anna of Bavaria. In 1637, she became Queen consort of Poland when she married Władysław IV Vasa, King of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth. She would be popular in the country and at court. She was influential at first with her husband, promoting the causes of her Habsburg family, but after time, her advice was ignored. She had three children, two died young, and one stillborn in 1644, which claimed Cecilia’s life shortly after.

1342 – Charles I of Hungary died in Visegrad at age 54. He was of the House of Anjou, but had a dynastic claim to the Hungarian throne, which he claimed in 1312. He is credited with being one of the more successful Hungarian medieval rulers, for his overhauls of the way royal favors and grants were given, he would also reform the government and economic systems.

1557 – Anne of Cleves died in England. Anne is famous for being the fourth wife of Henry VIII of England. Their marriage was annulled after just six months, and Anne was given a settlement of lands, homes, and an annuity. She had been in London when her former stepdaughters rode into the city in 1553, when Mary became Queen. She had lived a quiet life since the end of her marriage and was 41 years old. She is the only wife of Henry VIII to be buried in Westminster Abbey.

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