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1429 – The coronation of Charles VII of France takes place at the cathedral in Reims. Charles’ coronation was delayed because of the Hundred Years War. The French victories were made possible by the military leadership of Joan of Arc.

1917 – King George V of the United Kingdom issued a royal proclamation changing his family’s name from the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, to the House of Windsor. This was due to the large anti-German sentiment through Britain at the time during World War I. He also renounced any German titles for himself and several members of his family. His first cousin, German Kaiser Wilhelm II famously said that he wanted to Shakespeare’s play, “The Merry Wives of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha”, after hearing the news of the name change.

1945 – In not so dead royalty, the last heir apparent of Yugoslavia, Alexander is born in London. His father, Peter II was living in exile during World War II. When he was just a few months old, his father was overthrown, and his family deprived of citizenship. He grew up in Britain, and finally in 2000 he was able to return to Yugoslavia, and given citizenship again in 2001. He still resides in Serbia, and promised to stay out of politics, focusing on humanitarian efforts.

1947 – Camilla Shand is born in London to Major Bruce Shand and Rosalind Cubitt. She is known today as Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, as the second wife of Charles, Prince of Wales. Charles is her second husband, and she has teo children from her previous marriage.

1762 – Peter III of Russia was found dead, approximately a week after he was overthrown in favor of his wife, now Catherine II of Russia. She would rule in her own right until her death in 1796. German by birth, Catherine had fully assimilated herself into Russian culture and is one of the most famous monarchs, both male or female in European history. She is referred to as Catherine the Great.

1918 – The family of the deposed Tsar Nicholas II was shot and killed near Yekaterinburg, Russia. Nicholas and his immediate family, including his wife, Alexandra, son Alexei, and daughters, Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia were assassinated by agents of the new Bolshevik government which had overthrown the monarchy the previous year. The family had been arrested and living in captivity since then. Their remains would not be found until much later in the 20th century, then positively identified through DNA in the late 90’s.

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