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1304 – Edward I of England finally takes Stirling Castle as part of the Scottish War of Independence.

1890 – George II of Greece is born in Athens. He lived in exile from 1917, until his father’s re-installation as king in 1920. He succeeded to the throne in 1922. However in 1924, he was asked to leave Greece while the people voted either for or against the monarchy. While he was in Romania, he was formally deposed. He 1934, he was brought back as king and ruled until his death in 1947.

1973 – In not so dead royalty, the Norwegian Crown Prince, Haakon is born in Oslo. He is the heir apparent to his father, King Harald V.

1454 – John III of Castile died at age 49. He had been king since 1406, when he was just a year old. He was the son of Henry III of Castile and the English Catherine of Lancaster, daughter of John of Gaunt. He was unfortunately a weak and ineffective ruler and was almost completely under the influence of court favourites. He was succeeded first by his son as Henry IV, then later his daughter, Isabella I.

1524 – Claude, Queen consort of France and Duchess of Brittany died at age 24 of an unverified cause. She was the eldest daughter of Louis XII of France and Anne, Duchess of Brittany. Due to Salic Law, she was unable to inherit the French throne, but she was able to inherit Brittany. Her father then married her to the next male in line, the future Francis I. They were married in 1514, and in 1515 became King and Queen of France. In the next ten years, she would birth seven children, including the future Henry II.

1927 – Ferdinand I Romania died at age 61. German by birth, he had succeeded his uncle, Carol I. He married Princess Marie of Edinburgh, also known as the fierce Marie of Romania. He sided his nation with the Allies in World War I, and its said the German Kaiser Wilhelm II felt Ferdinand betrayed his German roots. He was rewarded after the war, as Romania’s territory was expanded. His grandson, Michael I would succeed him.

1951 – Wilhelm, the last Crown Prince of Germany, died at age 69. He became Crown Prince of the German Empire in 1882. when his father ascended after the death of his grandfather and great-grandfather in the same year. He lived in exile for a short time with his father, but returned to Germany, and was a supporter of the Nazi party. hoping that Hitler would restore the Monarchy. After the death of some of his friend and when it became apparent that Hitler would not share power, the younger Wilhelm left the public eye for his country estates. His descendants live today.

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