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1547 – Henry II of France is crowned King after the death of his father, Francis I. He would rule until his death in 1559.

1554 – Mary I of England married the future Phillip II of Spain, her second cousin through her mother. The marriage was wildly unpopular in England, but Mary was desperate to produce a Catholic heir, in order to disinherit her half sister , Elizabeth. She claimed to be in love with Phillip, but he told his companions he saw the marriage as “his duty” and nothing else. She was 38 years old and considered almost too old for child bearing. 4 years, 2 false pregnancies, and 200 dead Protestants later, Phillip was King of Spain and Mary would die, saying his name was carved into her heart.

1593 – Henry IV of Navarre, publicly renounced his Calvinist faith for Catholicism. He did so at the insistence of his long time mistress. It may have also been because he was the French heir to the throne, and France was still very Catholic. The move made him wildly popular when he became King of France and Navarre the following year. He was the first Bourbon king. Famously he said, “Paris is well worth a mass.”

1603 – James VI of Scotland would be crowned King of England, uniting the crowns. However England and Scotland would operate as separate nations for another 104 years.

1860 – Princess Louise Margaret of Prussia is born at Potsdam. She was the daughter of Prince Friedrich Karl and Princess Maria Anna of Anhalt-Dessau. In 1879, she married Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, a younger son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. She would live in Britain for the rest of her days, except for a few years when her husband was Governor General of Canada. She died in London in 1917, at age 56. Her daughter, Princess Margaret would go on to be Crown Princess of Sweden.

No major deaths.

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