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1540 – Henry VIII of England married his fifth wife, the teenaged Catherine Howard. Catherine was a granddaughter to the Duke of Norfolk, and a first cousin to Henry’s second wife, Anne Boleyn. Later, the marriage would fall apart Catherine executed for misconduct before and after she was Queen; namely, having an affair with another courtier.

1347 – Margaret of Durazzo is born. In 1369, she married Charles, Duke of Durazzo, her cousin, who became King of Naples in 1382, and King of Hungary in 1385. She would be widowed in 1386, and her son Ladislaus would succeed his father, and later her daughter Joanna would rule Naples as Joanna II. She died in 1412 of the plague.

1860 – Grand Duchess Anastasia Mikhailovna is born in Russia. She was the daughter of Grand Duke Michael and his wife, Princess Cecile of Baden, and a granddaughter of Tsar Nicholas I. At age 19, she was married to the Grand Duke Friedrich Franz III of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, and had three children. Due to his health and her unpopularity in the region, they rarely lived there. Their son would become the new ruler in 1897, and her two daughters went on to be Queen of Denmark, and Crown Princess of Germany. Anastasia lived the majority of her days in France afterwards, and even caused shock when she gave birth to a child by her personal secretary. She died in France in 1922.

1844 – Joseph Bonaparte, elder brother to Napoleon Bonaparte, died in Italy. He served in various posts in the French government during his brother’s rise, and helped with the overall coup d’état. Later, in 1806, his brother then installed him as King of Naples and Sicily, which he would only rule until 1808. That same year, his brother tried to install him as King of Spain, but his three year rule was never secure. Joseph actually stole some of the Spanish crown jewels on his way out, and later sold them in the US, where he primarily lived. He was 76 at his death.

1849 – A 50 year old Charles Albert of Sardinia died in Portugal, just months after being deposed and exiled. He had been overthrown in the revolutions of 1848, and was replaced with his son, Victor Emmanuel II. He had been King of Sardinia since 1831.

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