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1514 – Henry VIII signed a peace treaty with France. Part of the treaty was a betrothal of Henry’s 18 year old sister to the 52 year old Louis XII, King of France. Louis had no heir at the time and needed a young bride to try and conceive. Mary would be sent to France in October, and Louis would be dead in January.

1549 – A 5 year old Mary, Queen of Scots would be whisked away by boat to be raised at the French Royal Court, as the future wife of the Dauphin. She had been Queen of Scotland since shortly after her birth, and would be Queen of France as a teenager.

1751 – Wilhelmina of Prussia is born in Berlin to Prince Augustus William and Princess Louise. In 1767, she was married to Prince William V of Orange, Stadtholder of the Dutch Republic. She was a staunch supporter of her husband during the revolutions of the 1780’s and used her political abilities to negotiate support from her German relatives, and was able to keep him in power until 1795, when they were exiled for a time. They lived in various places in Germany until William’s death in 1806. In 1813 though, her son would be installed as King William I of the Netherlands, the first King of the modern Dutch monarchy. She returned shortly after and lived at her son’s court, even receiving important guests, such as Russian Tsar Alexander I. She died in 1820.

1783 – Princess Amelia, the youngest child of King George III and Queen Charlotte of the United Kingdom was born in London. She was well loved by her family, but her father would suffer his first major decline into mental illness when she was just 5. She would also suffer from several afflictions throughout her life as well, including developing tuberculosis at age 15. “Emily” as her father called her, never married, but was in love with Charles Fitzroy, the son of a Baron, to the point of telling one of her brothers that she considered herself married to him. In 1808, she developed measles and other illnesses, which plunged her closer to death, which finally took her in 1810. Her father was crushed by the news, and it is believed this is one of the events that pushed him to his final bout of madness. Her eldest brother, the future George IV, who was also her godfather, asked for a death mask, and was said to be affected by the mention of her name for the rest of his life. Amelia was just 27 at her death.

1862 – Victoria of Baden is born in Germany to Grand Duke Frederick I and Princess Louise of Prussia. In 1881, she married the future King Gustaf V of Sweden, and they would be succeed to the titles of King and Queen in 1907. Despite having three children, the marriage was unhappy, and she lost her initial popularity. She was also thought to be too Pro-German during World War I. After the war, and as she got older, she spent less and less time in Sweden, leaving for months at a time, and only returning for events like birthdays. At the time of her death at age 67, she was living in Rome. Her eldest son later became King Gustaf VI Adolph of Sweden.

1106 – Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor died in Germany at age 55. He had been forced off the Imperial throne the previous year. He had been Emperor since age 6, and was fighting his sons for authority when he died. His elder son, Conrad, had been crowned King of Italy, and his younger son, would go on to be Emperor as Henry V.

1972 – Aspasia Manos, the wife of the deceased Greek King Alexander, died at age 75 in Greece. In 1919, she had married Alexander in secret civil ceremony, because of her status as a commoner. She was never referred to as Queen, only as Madame Manos, until years after her husband’s death, when she was retroactively given the title Princess of Greece and Denmark, and elevated to the title of Her Royal Highness. She and Alexander had one child, a daughter named Alexandra, who when on to be Queen consort of Yugoslavia. She lived in England for a time, and helped raise her grandson.

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