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1503 – Princess Margaret Tudor, daughter of Henry VII of England married King James IV of Scotland. Their son would go on to be James V, and their granddaughter is the famous Queen Mary of Scots.

1553 – Edward VI was lady to rest in Henry VII’s Lady Chapel. His grave was actually unmarked except for a marble slab until 1966. Edward was the only surviving legitimate son of Henry VIII and was about 15 when he died and had been King since age 9.

1824 – Maria Alexandrovna, future Empress consort of Russia, is born today in Hesse, Germany. She was the daughter of Louis II of Hesse and Wilhelmine of Baden, however Louis was probably not her biological father. She married the future Tsar in 1841, and despite not enjoying the climate, she bore eight children, including the future Alexander III. Alexander was kind to her in public, but had numerous affairs. Maria died in 1880 at age 55, and Alexander remarried morganatically just one month later.

1920 – Prince Carol Lambrino of Romania is born in Bucharest to King Carol II and Zizi Lambrino. The marriage between his parents had been annulled before his birth, under questionable legality. He lived abroad with his mother as a child, but was in contact with his father, who recognized him as his son and heir. In 1955, after the death of his father, Carol sued and won the right to use the Royal family name, and inherited part of his father’s estate. However he would be fought every step of the way by his half-brother, the deposed Michael I of Romania, until Carol died in 2006.

1988 – In not so dead royalty, Princess Beatrice of York is born in London to Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and Sarah, Duchess of York. She is currently 6th in line to the British throne and the first female.

1303 – Castilian Infante Henry the Senator died in Spain. He was serving as regent for his grand-nephew, Ferdinand IV of Castile. Henry had grown up as the fourth son of Ferdinand III of Castile and his first wife, Beatrice of Swabia. After the death of his father, he attempted to rebel against his elder brother, now Alfonso X, but the rebellion would fail, and Henry ran to the court of his half-siser, Eleanor, who was Queen consort of England. He had also spent time on expeditions in Africa and fought in Italy.

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