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1588 – Queen Elizabeth I of England gave a rousing speech to troops assembled at Tilbury, ready to defend against a possible invasion of the Spanish Armada. However, the Spanish ships would never make it to English shores.

1902 – King Edward VII of Great Britain was crowned at Westminster Abbey in England, alongside his wife, Queen Alexandra. He was the eldest son of Queen Victoria, who had died the previous year. Initially, the ceremony was to take place on June 26th, but on the 24th, the King developed appendicitis and had to undergo surgery.

1669 – Tsarina Eudoxia Lopukhina is born in Moscow. She was married to Peter I of Russia in 1689, and would have three children by him, with only one surviving. In 1698, they would be divorced, and she was banished to a convent. She remained in exile, and became the focus of Peter’s opposition until his death, and her later return to Moscow, under the reign of her grandson, Peter II.

1696 – Joseph Wenzel I, Prince of Lichtenstein is born in Prague to Prince Phillip Erasmus and Countess Christina Theresa. He was an active military man, and actually ruled the small nation three times. His reigns spanned from 1712-1718, 1732-1745, and finally 1748-1772. In 1718, he married Princess Anna Maria Antoine and they had five children, none surviving infancy.

1722 – Prince Augustus William of Prussia is born in Berlin to Frederick William I of Prussia and Sophia Dorothea of Hanover. He was married to Louise of Brunswick, with whom he had four children, including the future Frederick William II. He died suddenly at age 35, of a tumor.

1783 – Russian Grand Duchess Alexandra Pavlovna is born in St. Petersburg. She was a daughter of Paul I, and a granddaughter of Catherine the Great. Her brothers would go on to be Emperors Alexander I and Nicholas I. When she was about 13, her grandmother negotiated a marriage contract for her with the young Swedish King Gustav IV. He even visited Russia, and they both claimed to have fell in love, however when he noticed the contract stated she would not have to convert to Lutheranism, he refused to sign and went back to Sweden, leaving Alexandra heart broken. She would later marry Austrian Archduke Joseph, brother of Emperor Franz II, but the Austrian court was not kind to her. Sadly, she died in 1801, when at age 17, she gave birth to a baby girl, who also died.

1847 – Maria Vittoria dal Pozza is born in Paris and was Italian noblewoman and Countess in her own right. In 1863, she married Prince Amadeo of Italy, a younger son of Victor Emmanuel II. In 1870, Amadeo was elected to take over the throne of Spain, but was only able to rule for 3 years, before his abdication in 1873. They had three children, all boys, the youngest born the same year as his father’s abdication. Three years later, at age 29, Maria died of tuberculosis.

1250 – Eric IV of Denmark was executed by the Duke of Jutland in response to atrocities Eric had committed when they had been fighting years before. He was in his early 30’s, and had ruled on his own since 1241, but had also been Duke of Schleswig since 1216. Eric’s reign was also marred with civil wars with his brothers. He left no male heirs, but two of his daughters would be Queen consorts of Sweden and Norway.

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