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1172 – Henry, son of Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine, is crowned as co-King of England. It was the tradition in France at the time, so there would be no interruption in the succession. However, the young Henry would not survive his father, dying during a rebellion against the elder Henry, actually.

1487 – Anna of Brandenburg is born in Germany to the Electoral family. At a young age, she was betrothed and later married to the Duke of Schleswig and Holstein, also the future Frederick I of Denmark. She would never become Queen though, dying in Kiel at age 26. However her son would go on to be Christian III of Denmark.

1669 – Anne Marie d’Orleans is born in France to Phillippe, Duke of Orleans, and his wife Princess Henriette of England. Phillippe was the younger brother of French King Louis XIV, and Henriette was the daughter of Charles I of England and Scotland. In 1684, she was married to the Duke of Savoy, Victor Amadeus I, who was the future King of Sardinia. They would have 6 children, the first coming just before Anne’s 16th birthday, and which nearly killed her. Her eldest daughter would go to be Dauphine of France, and give birth to Louis XV, another daughter would become Queen consort of Spain, and her son Charles, would become King of Sardinia. She was 59 when she died in 1728.
Its interesting to note, as well, that through her relations to the Stuarts of Britain, she inherited the Jacobite claim to the thrones of England, Scotland, and Ireland after the death of Cardinal Henry Stuart.

1887 – George, Crown Prince of Serbia is born as the eldest son of King Peter I and Zorka of Montenegro. He would never succeed though, as he kicked a servant to death in 1909, and renounced his right to throne afterwards. His brother would later become King Alexander I of Yugoslavia and George would serve in the military during the Balkan and First World Wars. Later he was locked in an asylum by his brother, and not freed until World War II. He lived into old age, in the city of Belgrade.

1968 – Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark died in London. Born in 1906, her father was Prince Nicholas of Greece and Denmark, younger son of George I of Greece, and her mother was Russian Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna. When she was 11 years old, her family was exiled, and she would live across Europe as a girl. In 1934, she married into the British Royal family, by her nuptials to Prince George, Duke of Kent. They actually had two ceremonies; one at Westminster Abbey, according to Anglican rites, the other according to Greek Orthodox tradition. The latter was conducted privately. They would have three children, before the Duke was killed in 1942. She remained an active member of the British royal family until her death.