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1756 – Frederick the Great of Prussia attacks Saxony, starting what’s called the Seven Years War, over territorial disputes with the neighboring German nations and Austria.

1825 – The Kingdom of Portugal officially recognizes the independence of Brazil. In 1822, Brazil would declare itself its own empire.

1968 – Crown Prince Harald of Norway married Sonja Haraldsen, after dating in secret for nine years. She was not of royal status, so there was concern of a scandal. The couple rule today as King Harald V and Queen Sonja.

1729 – Maria Anna Sophia of Saxony is born to King Augustus III of Poland and Maria Josepha of Austria. She was one of 15 children, and the sister of Frederick Christian, Elector of Saxony, Queen Maria Amalia of Spain, and French Dauphine Maria Josepha. This makes Maria Anna the aunt of French Kings Louis XVI, Louis XVIII, and Charles X. In 1747, she married the Elector of Bavaria, Maximilian III Joseph. The marriage was childless, and Maximilian died in 1777, but Maria would outlive him by 20 years, remaining in her adopted homeland.

1526 – King Louis II of Hungary, Croatia, and Bohemia died while fighting the Ottomans during the Battle of Mohacs. He had been king for ten years, after the death of his father, Vladislaus II. Louis was only twenty at the time of his death, and was childless, in his marriage.

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