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No major events.

1334 – Peter I of Castile is born to Alfonso XI of Castile and Maria of Portugal. He would be king twice, first from 1350 until 1366, then again from 1367 until 1369. His reign was interrupted by his half-brother, Henry of Trastamara, the future Henry II. Because of the civil wars, Peter is remembered as both the Cruel, and the Just, by the opposing sides of the war.

1808 – Princess Ludovika of Bavaria is born in Munich. She was the daughter of Maximilian I Joseph, King of Bavaria, and Karoline of Baden. Ludovika married the Duke in Bavaria, her cousin, Maximilian Joseph. They had ten children, and Ludovika lived out her days in Munich, dying in 1892.

1813 – Princess Mathilde Caroline of Bavaria is born as a daughter of King Ludwig I of Bavaria. She married a Hessian Grand Duke, also named Ludwig, in 1833. They would have no children, and Mathilde died in 1862.

1842 – Alexandra Alexandrovna is born in St. Petersburg Russia to Tsar Alexander II and Tsarina Maria Alexandrovna. She was the couple’s first child, and was doted on by her parents. Sadly at age 6, she caught infant meningitis, and died suddenly. Her mother would cry at the mention of her name for years to come.

1870 – Princess Alexandra of Greece is born as a daughter of King George I of Greece and Queen Olga. She was a sister of King Constantine I, and is thus an aunt of Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth II. She married at age 19, to Russian Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich, son of Tsar Alexander II. It was a happy marriage and they would have two children. But during her second pregnancy, she fell, and went into a coma after delivering the child, and died a few days later. She was 21 years old.

1917 – Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich of Russia is born in Finland. He was a descendant of Alexander II of Russia, and his family has escaped the Russian Revolution. After the executions of the Romanov family, he was a claimant of the Imperial titles of the Tsars until his death in 1992.

1946 – The future Queen Anne-Marie of Greece is born in Copenhagen. She is the daughter of King Frederick IX of Denmark and Queen Ingrid, and her elder sister is the current Danish Queen, Margarethe II. In 1964, she married Constantine II of Greece, and they ruled until Greece was declared a Republic in 1973. She currently resides in the UK.

1483 – Louis XI of France died at age 60. He had been King since 1461, after the death of his father, Charles VII. As king he fought with the Burgundians but also technically ended the Hundred Years War, with the Treaty of Picquigny. After crushing rebellions, he was able to strengthen royal power and the French Economy.